Airport Transport Rates

New Generation Limousine Service gladly provides daily limousine transport to and from your desired location with exceptional service and competitive rates.

Payment Options

You can complete your New Generation Limousine purchase in one of two ways:

  • Call our offices at 419.841.CARS (2277) to provide your credit card information over the phone

  • Use the convenient Online Inquiry.

To / From (1-way)
From Airport / To Airport (1-way)
Toledo Metro Area
Toledo Airport
$ 50.00
Detroit - Drop Off
Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)
$ 90.00
Detroit - Pick Up
Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)
$ 100.00
Cleveland Metro Area
Cleveland Hopkins Airport
Toledo to Windsor Train Station/Airport
Columbus Metro-Area
Columbus International Airport
Cincinnati Metro-Area
Stretch Limo
Toledo Metro Area
Toledo Express Airport
$ 75.00
Toledo to
Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)
Toledo to
Cleveland International Airport
Toledo to
Windsor Train Station/Airport
Toledo to
Columbus International Airport 
Toledo to
Cincinnati International Airport
Out of Area Airport Rate Policy

Customers requesting airport service in areas that are more than 20 minutes from the physical Toledo (Sylvania) address of New Generation’s office will be assessed rates based on the "Non-Airport Transport" hourly charge per the appropriate vehicle prorated in intervals of 30 minutes only. More specifically, time intervals will be assessed as follows:

0 to 30 minutes /hour = 50% of the normal hourly rate

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